At Camp Tuku, our mission is to provide a holistic approach designed to integrate the mind, body, and heart and teach children how to nurture their inner worlds.  Our curriculum is based on several core tenets that will help children, counselors, and staff to realize their inherent potential to be mindful, loving, creative, and resourceful individuals.

As a staff or a counselor, not only will you be the campers’ mother, father, friend and counselor, you will also have the same opportunities as the children to enjoy the wonders of nature and be able to tap into your limitless potential as joyful, compassionate human beings.

During our 2 weeks of camp, whether in Arizona, New York or at both locations, you will get to set up shop in the great outdoors, explore the Granite Dells in Prescott or  Delaware Water Gap & the Catskill Mountains & enjoy some of the unique benefits that Camp Tuku has to offer

  1. A dynamic opportunity to be a positive influence and role model in the lives of young people.
  2. Profound life-long friendships with staff from across the country.
  3. Use the tools learned to manage stress, interface with your emotions, and learn to meet whatever experiences may arise in life with an open heart.
  4. Greater sense of independence and self-reliance.
  5. Improved decision-making skills.
  6. Build a resilient core.
  7. Living and interacting with nature in a gorgeous mountain and lake setting.
  8. Expand your adventurous spirit.
  9. Be a part of the healthy ecosystem by practicing and helping others to promote sustainability.
  10. Have a fun and joyful experience while cultivating compassion for self and others.

If you are ready to make a difference in the lives of young people while making a big impact in your own life, we look forward to hearing from you and welcome your application.