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Camp Tuku is Open in Summer 2020!

Camp Tuku will be hosting its’ rookie camp at Camp Pinerock in Prescott this year. After much discussion and research, we believe our mission is needed now more than ever for kids and decided to stay open.

As always, the safety and health of campers and staff is always the highest priority at camp, and camps have a long history of planning for and managing communicable diseases. With the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within the United States, we will follow CDC’s recommendations on social distancing while working with our onsite healthcare professionals to review and update our health-related plans and procedures to ensure campers and their family members feel safe.

We hope you will join us this summer where nature meets joyful minds – Camp Tuku!


Daily mindfulness and meditation practices encourage campers to cultivate self-awareness and open their minds to a greater sense of calm and balance. Unplugging from technology and actively engaging in outdoor activities strengthen their connection to nature’s resources and teaches them ways to protect and preserve the natural environment.

Camp Tuku - Body


Fun and engaging activities that include yoga, arts and crafts, music, gardening, cooking, nature exploration, pet care, challenge courses, hiking, swimming, and water activities provide campers with multiple daily opportunities to grow their self-confidence as they challenge themselves both physically and mentally. All meals will be healthy AND yummy, and campers will participate in the seed-to-table experience of growing food in an organic garden and interacting with farm life.

Camp Tuku - Heart


We offer a social-emotional learning curriculum aimed at building resilience, based on scientific research by the Institute of HeartMath.   This curriculum is delivered through team-building games and activities. Children learn how to better express their emotions, such as appreciation and compassion for themselves and others. They practice how to communicate effectively and develop creative solutions in a fun and collaborative environment

Camp Tuku - Activities

A New Kind of Camp

In addition to all the fun activities that campers from 6 to 13 will enjoy, our curriculum is designed to equip children with skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. After their time at Camp Tuku, your children will:

  1. KNOW: how to manage stress and be resilient, enabling them to be happier and healthier.
  2. HAVE: simple, proven techniques that kids can apply at any time to manage their emotional state, tap into their creativity, and be even more resourceful in order to overcome obstacles in their lives.
  3. FEEL: happy and excited about connecting with new friends and the fun activities they’ve enjoyed together.