Our Mission and Vision

At Camp Tuku, our mission is to provide a mindfulness approach to the camp experience for kids; a program designed to integrate the mind, body, and heart, giving kids skills early in life to help them nurture inner resilience. With a focus on developing mindfulness skills, our unique summer camp experience offers a great opportunity for kids to learn and practice simple, fun tools for the development of self-awareness, as well as practices that will enable them to respond more effectively to the inevitable stress of every-day life. At Camp Tuku, we aim to nurture the mind, body, and heart in the following ways:


Daily mindfulness and meditation exercises encourage campers to cultivate self-awareness and open their minds to an innate capacity for peace and emotional stability. By unplugging from the mental barrage of digital media, and actively blending traditional camp activities with mindfulness exercises, kids strengthen their connection to not only nature’s resources but also the innate resources of their own minds.


Fun and engaging activities such as hiking, cooking, challenge courses, rock climbing, yoga, swimming, gardening, and music will provide campers with multiple daily opportunities to grow their self-confidence as they challenge themselves both physically and mentally. All meals will be healthy AND yummy, and campers will participate in the seed-to-table experience of growing food in an organic garden and interacting with farm life.


We offer a social-emotional learning curriculum aimed at building resilience. This curriculum is delivered through team-building games and activities. Children will learn how to better express their emotions, such as appreciation and compassion for themselves and others. They will practice how to communicate effectively and develop creative solutions in a fun and collaborative environment.

As children leave Camp Tuku, they will return to their daily lives with more confidence and an assortment of practical tools that will help them lead happy, healthy lives for years to come. They will be empowered to make conscious and deliberate real-time choices that reflect their unique brilliance. The laughter and learning experienced at Camp Tuku will blossom into friendships that kids will want to continue nurturing long after they’ve said goodbye!