Core Tenets Of Our Philosophy

Our curriculum, which has been designed with input from renowned mindfulness expert Susan Kaiser Greenland, is based on several core tenets that will help children, counselors, and staff to realize their inherent potential to be mindful, loving, creative, and resourceful individuals. They will use new mindfulness-based tools to access a wider perspective and make effective moment by moment decisions.   This will not only impact their own individual development but also make them even more compassionate and effective citizens.

Whether campers are engaged in a fun and challenging activity or simply relaxing with friends, they will be encouraged to embrace the following principles:

  • Compassion for Self – To cultivate an attitude of kindness, forgiveness, and compassion toward themselves.   Knowing that its okay to not have all the answers to all the questions and situations but to know how to go inward to calm and ground themselves to access the answers.
  • Generosity/compassion for others – To cultivate an attitude of generosity and compassion toward others, campers will begin each day with positive thoughts by wishing their family and friends well.
  • Connection to the field – To be aware of the electromagnetic field that surrounds them and obtain intuitive intelligence that could guide them to make the best moment by moment decisions for themselves and others.  They will know that they are never truly alone and will see themselves as a part of an interconnected and interdependent system.
  • Do no harm – We will create a healthy ecosystem by practicing sustainability. For example, we will tap into renewable energy sources, conserve resources, grow our own organic vegetables onsite, raise free-range chickens, reuse/recycle materials, and minimize our carbon footprint whenever possible.
  • Open-mindedness – Campers are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and observe and embrace their own unique similarities and differences without judgment.
  • Adventurous spirit – We will challenge campers to break free of their comfort zones by trying new activities.
  • Confidence – We will help campers build confidence by becoming masters of their own minds as they work to hone their skillsets.
  • Collaboration and teamwork – Using the resources provided by nature, campers will work with each other to solve problems and advance their common goals.
  • Innovation and creativity – Drawing on the inspiration found in nature, we encourage campers to cultivate curious minds that are capable of imagining solutions and creations that do not yet exist.
  • Path to happiness – We will coach campers to explore the causes and elements of happiness.