From yoga to arts, pet care to archery, Camp Tuku’s integrated curriculum is designed to connect each activity to one or more of our core tenets. By ensuring that all activities emphasize these core tenets, campers will engage in relevant, meaningful, and fun activities with each “Theme” Day – providing them with valuable lessons that can be applied to their daily lives.
Our daily themes are:
  • Focusing | Awareness, focus & kindness to self
  • Soaking up the goodness | Soak up what makes you happy, appreciation and kindness to self
  • Being curious | Bare experiences & add-on to an experience
  • Empathy | Perspective taking and kindness to others
  • Big open mind & heart | Zooming out and compassion
Camp Tuku - Activities



Wilderness Exploration & Hiking

Arts & Crafts


Chef’s Table / Campfire Cooking


Land Sports

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