Camp Tuku Behind the Scenes: Leadership & SEE Learning Training

Before campers arrive at Camp Tuku, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Our directors and counselors participate in two online classes provided by Emory University SEE Learning (Social, Emotional, Ethical Learning).  Three days before we welcome campers, the entire camp staff meets for orientation and additional training on the principles and practices of SEE Learning, mindfulness, and leadership development.

In our photos, below, you see our staff getting ready for camp by:

  • practicing active, attentive listening skills
  • learning about leadership styles & identifying their unique way of leading
  • engaging in team building activities that they will use with campers
  • exploring mindfulness skills that help us attend to emotional states & create calm

Attentive listening skills are crucial for counselors to be able to understand and effectively respond to the interests, concerns, and needs of campers at Camp Tuku.


Team building activities help counselors and campers alike to get to know one another, establish positive rapport, and build trust.


Camp Tuku Director, Sincia Liu discusses leadership qualities with camp counselors.


Counselors learn how to mindfully and non-judgmentally attend to each other and our campers.


Counselors practice techniques to help manage emotions, which are useful when working with children with a variety of developmental needs who are in a “help me now” situation: The Wall Push involves directing one’s energy through the arms and into the surface of an immovable object (wall, large tree trunk). This technique is useful when a person feels frustrated or upset about something. Combined with active listening, and awareness, this helps a person channel difficult emotions, regain focus, and a return to a state of calm.