Creativity & Collaboration Blossom in Drama & Innovations Classes at Camp Tuku


Whether working together to figure out how to design props with limited materials or use uncommon materials to build a model boat that will move through water, Camp Tuku’s drama and innovations classes help kids tap into their innate curiosity, strengthen creativity, and learn the value of collaboration.

You might not think that innovations, which is a STEM-based class, has much in common with drama class. So, not true! The skills the kids are learning in innovations carry over to drama, and vice-versa. 

  • The creativity of crafting a performance supports creative problem solving in the innovations class. 
  • Working as a team to figure out how to build an object carries over to the tasks required when building props for a performance. 

Inside an Innovations Class at Camp Tuku

Creativity, critical thinking skills, and the ability to collaborate with others come together in the innovation class at Camp Tuku. Kids need these skills to not only keep pace with rapid changes in society and technology, but also to be able to think outside-the-box when technology fails to work as expected.

Groups of campers engage in specific projects using uncommon materials. This requires them to 

  • be curious
  • ask questions
  • experiment with possible solutions
  • work as a team 

Does Your Boat Float?

One of the challenges campers tackle in the innovation class is how to design and build a boat that will float in the camp pool. The catch? The boat has to be made from popsicle sticks, glue, tape, paper, paper clips and other materials not typical of constructing a boat. 

After listening to instruction, and exploring different materials, pairs of campers work together to draw a model for their boat, determine the materials they want to use, and plan how to put their materials together to shape the model boat. Once everyone’s boat has dried, it will be sprayed with a waterproof adhesive and set to motion in the water. The idea is to create a boat that floats and moves through water without sinking.

Why Do Kids Love Innovations Class at Camp Tuku?

“I chose the Innovations class at Camp Tuku because I love building things and I wanted to learn different ways to make things with materials that are easy to find at home or in my yard.”  – Chloe, age 13 

“I like making things but it’s hard to come up with new ideas and this class gives me neat things to try. I like that I get to see if what I make actually works, like by putting the boat in the pool.”  – Lena, age 12

“I like that I get to work with other kids and share ideas. It is fun to try to figure things out, especially if everyone is nice to each other.” – Avi, age 9

Mindfulness to the Rescue

And what do the campers learn to do when they aren’t getting along well with their partners, or if they get frustrated with the task at hand? We have a rescue remedy for those moments:

“In mindfulness practice, I learned about going to my calm place to help me focus and try again. That’s a lot better than getting mad. That’s what I usually do.” – Trent, age 10

Drama Class at Camp Tuku

Kids of all ages love drama class. Each class begins with a warm-up activity to help campers tap into their creative mind. They engage in activities that are at the heart of Camp Tuku’s philosophy to 

  • enhance creativity
  • strengthen self-awareness
  • cultivate confidence, compassion & collaboration 
  • support one another’s path to happiness 

Once everyone feels warmed up and ready to go, they begin working in small groups. This year the campers use a mad-libs style worksheet to write an original narrative based on a camp related theme. At the end of their planning time, the small group presents their story to the entire class. The group votes on which story  they want to perform and plans are made for performing the skit in front of camp at the end of the week. 

Story ideas created this year ranged from a zany camp obstacle course adventure, a hike that took an unusual turn, and a cabin mystery.

On Stage or BackStage: Drama Takes Teamwork

Counselors always double check that a child is comfortable performing on stage in front of the whole camp. And if they are not, they can choose a backstage role.  This can include

  • helping other campers learn their lines
  • making props with items on hand
  • narrating from off-stage

This way, all campers feel a sense of agency in identifying a role that best suits them. In the process, they are learning the value of working together, sharing ideas, building confidence, and practicing patience as they plan and produce their performance.

Why Do Kids Love Drama Class at Camp Tuku?

You might say what’s not to love about drama class at Camp Tuku! From “performing with friends” to “being with their favorite counselor” and “just being silly and acting like something different than just being myself”… kids have all kinds of reasons to love drama class at Camp Tuku. 

Your Child Can Tap into their Creativity at Camp Tuku?

Would you like your child to mindfully stretch their comfort zone, tap into their creativity, and learn innovative ways to approach challenges? Join us for a fun-filled week (or two!) of summer camp at Camp Tuku in Arizona or Camp Tuku in the Catskill Mountains…there’s still room! Call Camp Tuku, today at 928-224-5855.