A Summer Camp Kids Love: Camp Tuku

This Valentine’s Day we want to celebrate the campers we love so very much! To do so, we’ve made a video highlighting the thoughtful comments that campers have shared about their time spent at Camp Tuku.

If you’re not already familiar with Camp Tuku in Arizona or Camp Tuku in New York, we want you to know a little bit about how campers spend their time with us:

Daily Camp Themes that Kids Love
Each day, we have a different mindfulness theme that we orient the children to, reference throughout their daily activities, and apply in every aspect of that day, from sun-up to sun down. Our daily themes include:

    • Curiosity – opening the mind and heart to new experiences
    • Gratitude – celebrating the gifts each day brings–be it new friends, learning from mistakes, stretching our comfort zone, or simply appreciating our surroundings and the people we are with
  • Empathy – instilling and expressing compassionate understanding for one another and for ourselves, learning to see from another’s perspective and being able to identify with their experience
  • Focus – training our mind to devote full attention to a given task or to a person we are interacting with
  • Resourcefulness –  seeing ourselves as capable of doing something new or learning different ways to do something familiar to us; learning to think outside the box by examining challenges from different perspectives to arrive at unique solutions


Parents Love How Camp Tuku Helps Their Child Grow and Shift

Children experience many benefits from attending summer camp. At Camp Tuku, we focus on 5 specific outcomes for our campters. Parents have confirmed that these outcomes, or “shifts” have been tremendously beneficial for their children and remain with them long after the campers return home!

  • Greater Sense of Self 
  • Increased Confidence 
  • Better Able to Self-soothe Anxiousness, Be Resilient, and Embrace Joy
  • Enhanced Appreciation for and Desire to Connect with Nature 
  • Cherished Memories with Camp Friends

“My girls…went to camp a little nervous and unsure of themselves; they came home confident and bold! It was amazing to see the changes in only 6 days! They were challenged to try new things and they found they could do things they never thought they could. Huge boost to their self-esteem!! They loved the camp counselors and had the best bonding time with new friends. They really learned the things that Camp Tuku promises – that you want your kids to learn about themselves.”
– Diana D, Camp Tuku Parent