Claywork is a hands-on art form that encourages campers to work with clay as their primary medium. Campers are introduced to the basics of working with clay, including preparation, techniques of molding, and drying processes. Claywork serves as a creative outlet for campers as it encourages them to think critically about three-dimensional design and provides a sense of accomplishment as their creations come to life.

Campers are encouraged to apply mindfulness practices in their approach to claywork & often see benefits in the following areas:

  1. Slowing Down: Claywork encourages campers to slow down and take their time with each step. It promotes a sense of mindfulness by requiring intentionality in movements & a step oriented process.
  2. Accepting Imperfections: Clay can be formed into many designs, but sometimes even when the best effort is made there are imperfections in the final product. Much like other areas of our lives, we must learn to accept there will be flaws and those are neither bad nor indicative of a lack of effort.
  3. Self-Care and Stress Reduction: Claywork encourages campers to get their hands “dirty” as they explore the medium focusing on the present moment; a metaphor of sorts which provides an opportunity to connect with one’s inner self.
  4. Connection to the Earth: Clay being an earthy material fosters a connection to the natural world and reminds campers of the interconnectedness of all things.