At Camp Tuku, helping children foster a deeper connection to and appreciation for nature is integral to our mission. Our onsite organic gardens offer an ideal setting for campers to engage with the natural world and utilize Earth’s bountiful resources to plant and cultivate fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

Lessons in Gardening and Sustainability for Kids at Camp Tuku

By participating in a rewarding seed-to-table gardening experience, campers will have fun getting their hands dirty while learning a variety of valuable life lessons. In addition to enhancing their connection with nature, gardening at Camp Tuku will help kids:

  • Develop a greater appreciation for the foods they eat—particularly nutritious foods like fruits and veggies.
  • Cultivate nurturing tendencies as they participate in the process of transforming seeds into edible plants.
  • Become more resourceful and self-sufficient as they learn gardening skills and techniques that will enable them to nourish themselves and others for years to come.
  • Experience hands-on science lessons in the world’s best interactive classroom: nature.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of essential, but often overlooked, elements our ecosystem, such as soil, insects, and precipitation.
  • Expand their palates—kids may be more open to trying healthy food items if they participated in growing them.

Camp Tuku’s gardening practices are designed to reflect one of our core tenets: “do no harm.” With a focus on sustainability, we strive to create a healthier environment by conserving resources, minimizing food waste, and avoiding the use of pesticides and other substances that may be harmful to both human health and the planet. Visit  Out Core Tenets to learn more about our philosophy.