Camp Tuku offers a variety of sports for campers each summer including Basketball, Soccer, & Tennis. Overseen by our Athletic Director and led by our counselors, campers get physical as they try their hand at sport. Our athletic programs challenge campers to incorporate mindfulness as they enhance their performance, reduce stress, and build a deeper mind and body connection. Here are a few ways mindfulness is integrated into Landsports at Camp Tuku:

  1. Pre-game Mindfulness: Before sports activity, campers engage in a brief mindfulness session to calm the mind and focus on the moment. This may include body scans, brief meditation, or guided breathing exercises.
  2. Breath Awareness:  Physical activity requires a lot of exertion and awareness of breath along with controlled breathing can help regulate stress and encourage composure in high stress situations.
  3. Focus on Sensation: Campers are encouraged to pay attention to physical sensations such as feeling the ground beneath their feet, the texture of the equipment, or the breeze on their skin. Increased sensory awareness can help them feel more empowered in the moment.
  4. Self-Compassion: Campers are reminded to be kind to themselves, especially when they make mistakes on the field or have a set-back. Using sport to model self-compassion helps campers improve their resilience and mental well-being.
  5. Emotional Regulation: Competition is a natural part of life, but sometimes we have a tendency to get wrapped up in winning or losing a competition and in the process lose control of our emotions. Campers are encouraged to take stock of their emotions during competitions learning to regulate in the face of adversity.

The integration of mindfulness into landsports can help campers not only perform at their best, but also enjoy the journey of sports with greater self-awareness and emotional balance. It promotes a holistic approach to athleticism, focusing on the well-being of the individual as a whole person.