Situated on over 250 acres of beautiful land in the Western Catskills, Camp Tuku offers the perfect place for children to reconnect with the natural world. With respect for the environment as a core aspect of our philosophy, we encourage campers to partake in frequent nature exploration, including hiking, rock climbing, swimming in our 30-acre private lake, and simply enjoying the fresh air and stunning mountain vistas of our location at Camp Oswego.

What are the Benefits of Nature for Kids?

Humans have an innate need to connect with nature. For children in particular, simple activities like exploring the woods or splashing around in a puddle can trigger a sense of joy and wonder. But as our lives have increasingly moved indoors—and in front of screens—too many of today’s children are alienated from the natural world. Author Richard Louv has termed this condition “nature-deficit disorder,” which describes the negative effects of spending insufficient time outdoors. Research indicates that nature-deficit disorder may contribute to diminished physical health, including struggles with obesity, attention difficulties, and reduced emotional well-being. On the contrary, children who spend more time in nature tend to be healthier, happier, more creative, and less stressed.

At Camp Tuku, our curriculum is designed to help kids tune out the constant noise of the digital world and return to the magic and tranquility of nature. Under the supervision of our trained counselors, campers will gain a heightened appreciation for the natural world, learn about the fascinating flora and fauna that surround them, and expand their imaginations by sharpening their innate sense of curiosity. Reflecting the core tenets of our philosophy, all interactions with nature at Camp Tuku are intended to guide children in becoming inquisitive thinkers, creative problem solvers, adventurous spirits, and compassionate stewards of the Earth and all of its living beings.