Woodworking at Camp Tuku takes the form of whittling and is informed by traditions of handwork often embraced in the Waldorf tradition. Campers wear protective gear including aprons and gloves and are provided with guidance on how to carve a piece of wood into a masterpiece with mindful intention.

Campers often say this is one of the most unique Camp Tuku electives as the opportunity to whittle wood doesn’t present itself everyday!

Campers often grow in the following areas as they approach this activity with mindfulness in mind:

  1. Patience and Perseverance: A level of patience is required to complete more complex projects. Campers are then encouraged to apply this lesson to other parts of their lives.
  2. Flow State: When one is fully immersed in an activity they achieve what is called a “flow state” which allows them to lose track of time and fully experience the joy of the activity.
  3. Community Connection: Campers work in communal spaces on their craft often sharing stories as they work thus bolstering their sense of community connection and cohesion.
  4. Purpose and Achievement: Completing a specific task of creation provides a sense of achievement and purpose as campers create a tangible reminder of their creativity and effort.