Do you instantly smell a campfire when you think about or see a picture of S’mores?!

We sure do! National S’mores Day is on August 10th – how will your family celebrate?

Walk down memory lane this August with a healthier version of S’mores, inspired by one of our counselors who made Apple Donuts! 

  • Replace the graham crackers with apple discs.

  • Replace the chocolate with a creamy replacement like nut butter. 

  • Add Marshmallows!

  • Layer them together and Enjoy!

But wait.. should we heat them up first? Enjoy this camp classic with a Indoor Campfire craft using items around your home!

  • Grab a few toilet paper rolls.

  • Draw some rings on them to make it look like real wood!

  • Cut a small 1 in. slice on one side of the rolls.

  • Find some paper scraps that are red, orange or yellow!

  • Layer them on top of each other.

  • Crumble / fold them into the shape of flames!

  • Tuck the paper into the slice on your Toilet Paper Roll!

  • Slide a battery operated candle into the roll to light it up!

This craft was inspired by an article we found on Mom Trends (photo credit, too).