Join us for a week of exploration into the fascinating landscapes of the mind and the universe! A week that celebrates mindfulness and curiosity, campers will have a blast diving deeper into mindfulness practices, constructing space-themed projects, and learning new recipes with fresh ingredients. Get ready to explore inner and outer space…

Mindfulness is the core of what we do

We all know how non-stop stress can impact our health and performance. Why would we expect our children to be any different?

The stress and pressure that children experience on a daily basis can result in diminished performance, lower test scores, and can even lead to unwanted physiological and psychological symptoms. For instance, it is common nowadays for children to experience anxiety, depression and an overall feeling of sadness. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are simple things that children can do to help alleviate this stress response and strengthen their resilience. At Camp Tuku – Exploring Inner and Outer Space, children will learn and practice positive ways to cope with stress.


Exploring Outer Space

As campers nurture their inner being, they will make astronaut helmets in their Arts &  Crafts block while enjoying constellation treats made of noodles and marshmallows in our Chef’s Table block while learning how to identify constellations in the sky. Their eyes will naturally veer upward through daily mindfulness practices and space activities!

Gratitude is The Best Attitude

Each day campers will be asked to set intentions and add to their gratitude trees they can view from space, as a way to display the things they are grateful for while creating a beautiful and out of this world display.   


Well blast off & enroll into Camp Tuku – Exploring Inner & Outer Space online virtual summer camp! Discover more or enroll now! 

Camp Tuku Virtual Camps are help Monday-Friday and have an AM and PM session to fit the best time for our East & West Coast campers!

And, for those who can’t wait until Camp to learn more – below is a sample one-day snapshot of the jam packed schedule campers will participate in – full of mindfulness practices, arts & crafts, cooking and other various culturally rich activities!

Sample Schedule






Camp Tuku – Imagination (virtual)

Camp Tuku – Mission Impossible (virtual)

Camp Tuku –  Around the World in 5 Days (virtual)

Camp Tuku – Arizona (sleepaway) 

Camp Tuku – New York (sleepaway)