Save Tuku the Toucan! Suit-up, sign-in, and welcome to Camp Tuku’s Mission Impossible – Spy themed week. Campers will create their own spy-kit filled with useful tools for the mission, engage in interesting challenges like escape rooms and obstacle courses, and create food from places where Mission Control has reported a Tuku Spotting. Will your cabin find and save our favorite toucan?

Calling all spies…

Camp Tuku needs your help saving Tuku the Toucan! Write him a hidden message in a dinner roll during our Chef’s Table block to drop a hint on how he can escape danger.

Then, create a Spy Kit

Campers will create their own spy-kit filled with useful tools for the mission including spy glasses, a watch and possibly a diversion device to stay undercover while you help Tuku the Toucan escape!

Challenge Accepted

Accept the challenge set forth from Mission Control! Campers will engage in escape rooms and indoor obstacle courses to get Tuku the Toucan one step closer to escaping! 

Are you ready?

Well accept the mission & enroll into Camp Tuku – Mission Impossible online virtual summer camp! Discover more or enroll now! 

Camp Tuku Virtual Camps are help Monday-Friday and have an AM and PM session to fit the best time for our East & West Coast campers!

And, for those who can’t wait until Camp to learn more – below is a sample one-day snapshot of the jam packed schedule campers will participate in – full of mindfulness practices, arts & crafts, cooking and other various culturally rich activities!

Sample Schedule



Camp Tuku – Imagination (virtual)

Camp Tuku – Exploring Inner and Outer Space (virtual)

Camp Tuku –  Around the World in 5 Days (virtual)

Camp Tuku – Arizona (sleepaway) 

Camp Tuku – New York (sleepaway)