Around the World in 5 Days – Camp Tuku’s Virtual Camp

Travel around the world and experience the cultures of India, Japan, Italy, Tanzania, and Guatemala! Campers will cook different recipes from each country, create a craft inspired from their art traditions, and collaborate on solutions to unique environmental problems specific to each location. In anticipating of camp and our travels, we’d like to share a little information about each country we are (virtually) traveling to this summer…

First stop…. India!

There are many different types of food in India. Each region has popular food from that area including Palak Paneer, Hyderabadi Biryani,, Coconut Laddu & Vada Pav. Some of the most popular Indian dishes are Indian curries which include a lot of unique spices! At Camp Tuku, one of our most popular program block’s is Chef’s Table. During this block, campers ages 9-13 make our recipe of the day – Coconut Laddu! It’s a sphere shaped Indian sweet that comes in many different flavors.

Next up, Japan!

After India, we are following Tuku the Toucan to Japan to celebrate Children’s Day, a national Holiday in Japan celebrated in May of every year. During this celebration, children fly Koinobori kites. Koinobori is Japanese for “carp streamer kite” – the carp fish was chosen for children because it is an energetic fish that can swim upstream through rapids. During our Arts & Crafts block, some campers will make a Koinobori Kite!

Ciao Italia (Hello Italy!)

When we visit Italy, we are heading straight to the Italian mosaics. What is a mosaic? A mosaic is a picture produced by sorting small pieces of materials like stone, glass or tile and in Rome, they were made from hundreds or thousands of small stones and gems! Roman mosaics would depict popular symbols like fish, the sun, food or warriors. Campers will get to create their own mosaic – whether inspired from Roman life or a modern design!

Let’s visit Tanzania!

Phew! With all that traveling, we need to ensure we are hydrated – but did you know in Tanzania everyone does not have clean water? Some people get their water from lakes and rivers and use it for cooking, bathing and sometimes drinking. Many times, these lakes and rivers are not close to the village where people live and some women and children have to walk for miles to find water. Then they fill up their buckets and must carry it back to their home. In our Sustainability Block, campers will make their own water filter system to turn dirty water into clean water.

Last Stop… Guatemala

And we made it…. to Guataemala, home to The Quetzal bird. It is on the Guatemalan flag and the name of their currency. These birds – like Tuku the Toucan, live in mountainous and tropical forest throughout central America and mostly eat fruit, but will eat insects and lizards, too. Ready to make your very own Quetzal Bird in our Arts & Crafts block? We sure are!


Are you ready?

Well grab your passports & enroll into Camp Tuku – Around The World in 5 Days online virtual summer camp! Discover more or enroll now! 

Camp Tuku Virtual Camps are help Monday-Friday and have an AM and PM session to fit the best time for our East & West Coast campers!

And, for those who can’t wait until Camp to learn more – below is a sample one-day snapshot of the jam packed schedule campers will participate in – full of mindfulness practices, arts & crafts, cooking and other various culturally rich activities! Activities listed in this blog article and sample schedule are subject to change to ensure we are providing the most innovated, creative and exciting camp for our campers!

Sample Schedule


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