Join us as we use our imagination and jump into fantastic worlds filled with superheroes, dragons, unicorns, trolls, and gnomes! Campers will create colorful food, make whimsical crafts inspired from fantasy worlds, and use a variety of materials in unique ways. If your child has a vast imagination and is creative, inventive, artistic, and original get ready for Camp Tuku’s Imagination Week!

First stop, Tuku’s Kingdom

When Prince Tuku the Toucan arrives to the Kingdom, he runs straight into the castle to find the Queen to be pronounced King Tuku! Campers will help us make his crown in our Chef’s Table program block that will supply a celebratory feast for his family and friends!

Next Stop, Pirate Island

As King, Tuku the Toucan must fight the Dragon to save his Kingdom. Help Tuku the Toucan fight the Dragon by engineering a powerful Pirate Ship during our Innovation program block. But don’t forget the Treasure Map – campers will help Tuku find his way by making Treasure Map Pizzas in Chef’s Table.

Fairy Land

After King Tuku’s fight with the Dragon to save his Kingdom, he notices a group of small fairies trapped in a bottle. As he releases them, they share that they are all lost and homeless. Help King Tuku build new homes for his new fairy friends in our Sustainability and Arts & Crafts program blocks!


Well grab your superhero capes & enroll into Camp Tuku – Imagination online virtual summer camp! Discover more or enroll now! 

Camp Tuku Virtual Camps are help Monday-Friday and have an AM and PM session to fit the best time for our East & West Coast campers!

And, for those who can’t wait until Camp to learn more – below is a sample one-day snapshot of the jam packed schedule campers will participate in – full of mindfulness practices, arts & crafts, cooking and other various culturally rich activities! Activities listed in this blog article and sample schedule are subject to change to ensure we are providing the most innovated, creative and exciting camp for our campers!

Sample Schedule



Camp Tuku – Around the World in 5 Days (virtual)

Camp Tuku – Mission Impossible (virtual)

Camp Tuku – Exploring Inner & Outer Space (virtual)

Camp Tuku – Arizona (sleepaway) 

Camp Tuku – New York (sleepaway)